Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Money

Near the beginning of December I talked about how I was going to setup more colonies.
To this end I've scheduled Korannon to train up basic planetary management skills when Industry V completes in the next couple days and I'll have his set up a factory planet where I will import some purchased raw materials and produce higher level items for reselling. It seems like a nice compromise between taking effort and making money. Unlike the extraction where I feel if I miss a cycle every day I'm losing the game, this will feel more hands off I hope.
Well, due to real life pressures it took longer than I hoped to get set up and running but last week I finally managed to do it and set out to produce some commodities for profit. I picked Robotics to start because I was familiar with the production lines and I knew they were in high demand.

I'm pleased to report I made about 10% profit on a 166 million ISK investment as of last night when the last of the produced robotics sold. Excellent. I'm still ironing out the kinks but hope to run another batch over the next couple days and see if the turnaround time can be streamlined any more, and consider if I want to expand to a second production colony.

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