Monday, December 06, 2010

Expanding the Empire

Since moving my oxygen production lines over to double the coolant production, I've found my extraction colonies easier to manage. Oxygen as an end product sucked because it took so much space in the Orca, but now I've been going a couple weeks since my last high sec delivery and the Orca is only just over a quarter full.

This frees up a little planetary overlord time so I've been considering how to best make use of it. I don't want to double extraction and production efforts but a side project with a second character might be perfect. To this end I've scheduled Korannon to train up basic planetary management skills when Industry V completes in the next couple days and I'll have his set up a factory planet where I will import some purchased raw materials and produce higher level items for reselling. It seems like a nice compromise between taking effort and making money. Unlike the extraction where I feel if I miss a cycle every day I'm losing the game, this will feel more hands off I hope.

Once I get things going I'll report back.

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