Monday, November 22, 2010

Please Tell Me The Rules

Last night I was on Kid Duty while the wife had her free night and with all the kids asleep and the house work done I was able to slip in front of the computer with the baby monitor on. "I'll just take care of some minor stuff," I said.

So I begged a cyno for a carrier jump, moving my Ishtar and a couple other cruisers to the rally base and moving a couple command ships and interceptors for alliance mates.

"Oh, there is a fleet up? Just a couple jumps away? Bashing an I-HUB? OK, be right there." Swap clones, swap ships to the Megathron, get escorted by an alliance mate in a Drake, and spent some time managing cap and drones until the I-HUB was reinforced. Take that foul heathens!

"Oh, we're going to take down an SBU? OK, I've got a few more minutes."

We travel a few jumps deeper into Providence to a CVA controlled system that The Kadeshi had planted some SBUs in. We start shooting and after a few minutes I need to log so I dock up and quit. This morning I look at the killmails and see the SBU there as destroyed but no mention of my contribution, as little as it may have been.

So what are the rules for making it on a kill mail? Last month when we attacked and killed a Titan in the drone lands I had a similar incidence where I shot at a titan that later that fight died but again I got no credit. Now that kill mail was long so I could see getting pushed off by the rest of the horde but the SBU kill mail was less than 40 pilots. Is there a timer involved? A damage dealt threshold? Do you need to be online and in gang? If anyone knows, please tell me!

* * * * *

Anyways, this morning right after downtime I made the quick run through low sec to the high sec pocket with my first load of Planetary Interaction materials and quickly got them to market. So far my PI efforts have netted me 280 million ISK since I started in the wormhole, for 5-10 minutes a day effort. I could probably make a lot more but the effort involved right now is the sweet spot for me every morning.


  1. Were there more than 300 ships firing? I know there's a hard cap on the number of ships that show up on a kill mail.

  2. 39 ships on Killmail and less than 80 in local when I logged.

  3. If you figure it out let me know, very frustrating. The other day I put some serious damage into a Carrier and the killmail showed me with 0% damage?! While the issue of missing kms seems to be getting better, this issue seems to be getting worse.

  4. Anonymous11:42 am

    You have to be in system when the object dies and have agressed it with an offensive module within the last 15 minutes of it dying.

  5. I have heard multiple instances (and experienced 3-4 myself) of killmails never showing up.

    Sov structures seem to be the majority of them.


  6. This solidifies my view of Sov warfare...

  7. Heath is correct, but you only need have aggressed the target within the last 15 minutes of it exploding.

    There is ofc also the pilot cap on the KM, but this does not apply to the situation you have.


  8. Anonymous3:03 am


    Because it took more than 15 minutes to die after you left, you had no aggression timer towards it when it died, and thus were not added when the km was created.

  9. 15 minutes, eh? Thank you everyone, this clears a lot up for me. :)