Monday, November 22, 2010

The Next Big Step - Lasers

With the supercarrier training mostly done except for a couple levels in remote hull and armour repairing, and Gallente cruiser V settled in for a nice little Ishtar in my hanger and an Arazu on order, the question has arisen in my brain as to what the next major skill training effort shall be.

I've toyed around with getting Triage mode for the carrier for a long time, but have yet to come across an instance where I say to myself, "Gee, I wish I could triage right now!" I know people use it, I have just not come across the scenario myself. While logistics V would be nice and useful in the process, I feel my destiny lies elsewhere for now.

One of the big things I've noticed over the past year or two is the rise of Amarr ships as the premier PvP vessels, from Pulse 'Pocs to Zealots to Damnations to Guardians, Amarr ships dominate the list of requested ship types with other race's ships being secondary. Megathron? Alright I guess... Rokh? If you must... Onerios? Can't you just train Amarr Cruiser V? You get the idea.

I keep waiting for a Hybrid boost to make it a viable weapon system to opt for compared to lasers, but it does not seem to be in the cards. For the ranges in the fleets in null sec combat today, the Pulse Laser has the best of both worlds in terms of DPS and range.

So after I finish a few short utility skills, I'm training for Tech II lasers up to large energy weapons, and then Tech II Amarr frigates and cruisers. Then the Abaddon of Doom will ride again!


  1. The ironic thing is: when I started playing, Amarr ships had just been buffed (apparently), and people were still in the 'Amarr - if you must' mindset, making me feel like an underdog. How times change :)

    And while I have cross-trained now for medium T2-Minmatar, I still need to find a reason to fly them.

  2. Yeah, I've been in a few fleets where armor logi is needed/wanted but the FC will still actively refuse Oneiros logi ships. Even when there's more Oneiros than Guardians.

    Well at least Minmatar is a close second for PVP. Crosstraining for a T2 fitted Minmatar Hurricane right now.

  3. I'm Caldari and initially did the whole "Kestrel -> Drake -> Raven -> CNR" path. Once I had the support skils down and all of that my 1st cross-train was to Amarr for the frigs, but not becuz of lasers. No .. I wanted to fly the Anathema. It's so purty. . . . .

    After I did Caldari Cruiser 5 so I could fly my Tengu, I did Amarr next so I could fly Zealot. And I love it! I've also flown the Devoter and the Guardian, but haven't needed a Curse or Pilgrim yet, but someday I plan to get me a nice recon ship too.

    Just finished Minmatar Cruiser 5 so I can do Scimitar and maxed out Rupture, as well as Broadsword, and maybe even a little Vagabond action someday too. Training Med. Projectiles 5 as I type -- 7 days to go on that. I'll eventually get Gallente too, but I think I may actually focus on getting Amarr BS 5 and training for capitals. I cold be in a carrier in less than 3 months if I wanted, and almost a month of that is BS 5 . . . and another month is Drone Interfacing 5, so.. yeah, I'm close, just need to buckle down and do it sometime, I suppose.

  4. Go train laser ..... They are nice .... Once you use scorch you'll never want to use any other weapon platform again . In less than 24 hrs I'll get my T2 medium laser .....

  5. This would have been a lot cooler if it had been what I initially read it as, "The Next Big Step - Losers"

  6. lasers are ok but have a lot of downsides, if your a fleet pvper then their the way for you, but when soloing cap warfare is big and lasers are extremely easy to get under, i cant count the number of harbs i've killed in frigates due to that exact reason.