Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Worm Versus Ishkur

I won a faction frigate in a corp contest / lottery and I picked the Worm as my ship of choice because I love the Merlin hull and have both Caldari Frigate and Gallente Frigate to V.

As I set out to decide how to fit the ship, it quickly became apparent that this is like a Ishkur as they both have the same drone bay size (50m3) and bandwidth (25 mB). As the fitting progressed, it became apparent that while sharing some characteristics, they are very different.

Here is my standard Ishkur setup.
Nice amount of DPS from the blasters and drones, decent ability to tank.

Here is a corresponding Worm setup I investigated.
Here the ship has a lot less DPS (weird they gave it two launcher hardpoints but no damage bonus) but is considerably faster and more agile with a solid buffer tank and lots of cap to run it. Yeah, I added some faction mods to play around too.

I also played around with a shield boosting version like what is found in some Harpies and Hawks. It has a nice active tank but is very cap intensive even with the cap booster there.

Finally I played with a pure tanking ship with no electronic warfare whatsoever.

It gets a nice solid resistance buffer but it cap vulnerable for the hardeners and of course will not keep the enemy from running away.

Comments, thoughts?


  1. Anonymous10:58 am

    ah yes the Worm. This has to be one of the most underrated faction frigates. Similar to the status of the Merlin. Both are insanely good in the right hands.

    If you haven't seen it. I recommend watching "Lord of the Tits" by sanjar. solo Merlin action. Maybe give you some ideas

  2. Anonymous1:17 pm

    I had always assumed (maybe incorrectly!) that the Worm, the Gila, and the Rattlesnake were all basically PVE ships with their missile and drone layouts. If that's the case, I wouldn't worry about point and tackle, or active tanking it.

  3. Anonymous2:26 pm

    as it is a faction ship Id go all gank and try to kill em as fast as possible ( granted VERY hard to do in a missile boat) but that's my thought.

  4. I'll have to show this to one of my corpmates, who is an avid user of Gurista ships.

  5. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Nothing in particular to say about the first fit.

    Fit 2: True Sansha Tracking Disruptors don't exist. It's an ingame item, but it's not in the Variations table and I've never seen it on contract. Also, you'll probably die. Try fitting more tank instead.

    Fit 3: A good idea, but I have all kinds of complaints about this fit.

    Rigs: CCCs make no sense on an active tanked ship that relies entirely on cap booster. Core Defence Safeguards are far better, plus some tasty shield resist rigs.

    Lowslots: Two nanofibers will give you better speed and agility than an overdrive and an I-stab, plus they don't kill your cargo space (dearly needed for cap boosters) and your sig radius (needed to stay alive).

    I'd also probably put a power diagnostic down there because it gives more cap. Also shields. Also fitting. Basically because power diagnostics are the best module ever.

    Midslots: Micro Capacitor Booster IIs are retardedly expensive. Just... no. Use a faction small or something. It fits, you'll see.

    You need a scram, or this ship will never get anything done. Ditch the boost amp and get some tackle on there.

    Why not put that c-type afterburner on this ship? It's by far the most expensive of the bunch already.

    Hislots: All I can say is get t2 rockets, and use that neut very sparingly.

    End result:
    Has the same or more tank, moves faster, has more cap and cargo, has far more cap stability, and HAS TACKLE.
    Use Navy 200s if you think you might get neuted by a larger ship. 400s are already taking your cap from 13% to full in one cycle, so being able to boost more often could very well save you.

    Fit 4: A Capacitor Power Relay would be much better than the flux coil on this ship. And drop the anti-thermal and maybe even the anti-em for more extenders. A 3-stacked 30% bonus to one resist isn't anywhere near as good as 15% more shields.

    This one is not a PVP fit. At all.

    That is all I have to say really.

  6. Wow thanks Widders. I've been fitting caps and super caps for too long now, I'm very out of touch with frig setups. :)

    I'll post a follow up next week once I get the ship fitted.

  7. Anonymous8:42 am

    No problem. Most of these principles apply in bulk to similarly fit cruiser class ships as well; I'm personally scared to death to fly expensive frigates, if any frigates at all (what frig pilot hasn't gotten surprise-podded because 0.2 seconds earlier you weren't dying at all?)

    I'd especially be scared to fly that particular active tanked Worm, since that Pith A-M shield booster costs something like 1.1 BILLION isk on contracts. Not sure if that was intentional. Generally I value cheapness in something with as little substance as a frigate, since the main advantage you get out of it is that it's fast and survivable against a SMALL number of enemies. Larger numbers (think 3) will just drop you, and then all that expense kind of did nothing.