Thursday, October 07, 2010

Screeshot Thursday

 There are something like 37 screenshot thumbnails (click to get large image, some 1900x1200). Enjoy!

* * * * *

This is the wormhole my alt is living in, a Catcylsimic Variable star. The actual system sun is off screen at this point too.
Fleet moving into position, recharging capacitors after a jump in.
Attacking a station in Geminate, incapacitating services.
My Wyvern aside a Erebus titan. You can see the shadow from my prow on the Erebus' hull.
Kill that station!

Below the rings of some forgotten planet as we prepare to attack the system's I-Hub.
Explosions on the I-Hub.
Look out for the crossfire!
Another station attack in Geminate. Caldari Leviathan in the top centre.
Close up of Wyvern with Revelation dreadnought in the background.
Another system, another I-Hub to reinforce.
Orca approaching the wormhole.
Tengu target painting my next victim...
... and the victim responding with a missile.
Another cap recharge before going into the fight in Cloud Ring.
At a midpoint, approaching a friendly POS.

Reinforcing a POS in Cloud Ring.
Dreadnoughts firing on tower while fighters and bombers attack the jump bridge module and sentry guns.

"All firepower on the super star destroyer!"
Close up of the Minmatar fighter bomber in flight.
A second POS that same night. Again, the jump bridge was primary target.
I like the composition of this shot, the different light sources and textures.
Fleet align planet 6! Cap up those supercaps first!
I like this shot too.
Me and three corpies from m3 at a complex escalation, attacking a Guristas outpost and its defending waves of ships. Watch in this sequence as a little blue dot representing the citadel torp from the outpost itself hits my Tengu. This wave was firing at the Megathron but I was still aggro'd to the outpost.
Here it comes... I'm barely visible on the left but you will see me soon.
Brace for impact!
Detonation! There I am.

The aftershock travels away from the epicentre. My sheilds took all of 95 points of damage. Let's hear it for small signature radius, high resistances, and using dreadnought class weapons on cruiser sized targets.


  1. One of the things that originally fascinated me about eve online, were the (imho) stunning visuals. And I still like them :)

  2. I just have to add my favorite wormhole screenshot. I took this a few weeks after Apocrypha was released. Beautiful :)