Thursday, October 14, 2010

This and That

At last Monday's Titan kill in Etherium Reach the FC was constantly calling for more interdictors, both heavy and light. As I can't fly light interdictors (I know, for shame!) and I didn't have my usual Onyx in my hanger, I was forced to simply be support DPS in a Drake.

I used to always have an Onyx in my hanger as its one of my favourite ships to fly. In fact, on my killboard for ships and weapons used the Onyx ranks near the top. I sold my last one when I liquidated assets to afford the Wyvern and never bothered to replace it with a new one as my wallet recovered.

Well, this morning I decided to rectify that and purchased a new Onyx with massive shield buffer at the closest market hub. I don't think I'll need it as much as I used to use it in Providence but its good to have on hand for supercapital tackling duty when the opportunity arises.

* * * * *

From scrapheap challenge forums, the latest SISI build has the Sansha fighter bomber with textures:


* * * * *
Had a little op with a Black Ops fleet on Tuesday, trying to counter-hot drop a hostile bomber fleet with black ops ship. We baited them and opened the cyno but the black ops pilot accidentally clicked "Jump to beacon" instead of opening a jump portal. Whoops! A moment of silence for the bait ship pilot and cyno pilot and misclicking black ops pilot who died.

* * * * *
I've decided that Korneilia does not need 6 colonies to manage after all as 5 with Elite should be fine for my purposes. Rather I'm going to get Korannon to start a real training regimen for Transport ships, Freighter, and associated tanking / navigation skills.

What prompted this was last week I had a full Orca in the wormhole and scanned down the high sec exit, scooted out to drop the stuff in a station, scooted back to w-space, and contracted the items to Korannon for moving to a hub for selling. Korannon accepts contract, plots a course, notices it goes through low sec, checks autopilot settings, sees "safer" is still clicked, and I realize I dropped the items in a high sec pocket.

Korannon lacks the skills to safely move through low sec so its time to upgrade his capabilities.

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  1. I often move freighters through Low Sec, in my alts and haven't lost one yet. Although I do plenty of scouting first :D