Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sometimes You Get Lucky

Due to Thanksgiving weekend my gaming night got moved to Tuesday evening so I have nothing exciting to report... except helping to destroy two carriers and a titan. Allow me to explain.

My wife forgot to start the dryer. Distracted by the kids going to bed, she put the wet clothes in the dryer but forgot to start it. We had more wet clothes in the washer so when I discovered the still damp clothes in the dryer I volunteered to stay up waiting for them to finish.

While I was waiting, I logged into Eve to finish a run to Jita for some skillbooks and to outfit a Manticore when alliance comms lit up like a Christmas Tree. Fleet invite being spammed was called "Supers Tackled". Now I was in high sec, not a lot of time on my hands, tired as it was past my bedtime, and reluctant to commit the Wyvern to a slapped together op. The location was listed as in Etherium Reach and I saw it was 19 jumps from one of our station systems, but then a corp mate told me to use a different system as jump off point from our jump bridge network and I saw it was only 8 jumps. And then I found out no caps could be used as it was a cyno jammed system, so the request was out for Drakes or whatever could fly (preferably hictors and dictors but I don't have any of those... need to build an Onyx again).

So I docked somewhere in High sec and clone jumped to my base in Vale, grabbed a Drake, and burned to the system. I arrived and it was quite the sight, seeing two enemy titans and four enemy supercarriers trapped by bubbles and being fired upon by a slowly growning horde of battlecruisers and battleships. I followed the FC's instructions, targets alternating between the Avatar, a Nyx, and the fighters that would sometimes boil forth in an effort to escape the trap. Enemy ships would sometimes warp in to try and save the tackled capitals but they went down quickly as we responded.

Eventually as our numbers began swelling the enemy logged off the supercaps in an effort to save them but it failed for the Avatar titan as the rumour has it he logged while his guns were still firing at the POS that drew these ships out in the first place. I got in on an Archon and Niddhoggur killmails but the Avatar titan I got cut off at the 300 pilot limit as did a few other people. Oh well, can't complain overall as its not everyday you help contribute to capital killmails.

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