Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wormhole Colonies At 100%

I've got my five wormhole colonies working fairly smoothly now, although I realized to my horror this morning I forgot to set up some factories for making enriched uranium. Back to the drawing board I guess.

The two gas planets pumping out Oxygen at one and Coolant at the other are pretty much working alone without much fiddling required. I've got one plasma planet getting two resources and one lava planet getting the other two resources required for Enriched Uranium, Mechanical Parts, and Robotics, I just need to get the factories sorted and ratios of extractors proper. No biggie. I am doing basic manufacturing on the plasma and lava planets, but I export the resources and move them to a temperate planet with dedicated advanced factories.

Eventually when I get Elite command centres I'll rebuild the plasma and lava colonies, and maybe the others too, but that won't be for a month. Once I get all my colonies functioning as I want (including some Enriched Uranium lines), I will calculate my daily income.

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