Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gainfully Employed For 2 Years

Today marks my second anniversary of joining m3 Corp.

It was a dicey time of my Eve career two years ago. The spring before saw a good thing in Strife Mercenaries 2.0 fall unexpectedly apart as friends went to the four corners of New Eden on their own adventures, and my play time diminished to near zero with the birth of the twins. I was alone that summer, plexing in Factional Warfare for standings and something to do, and it was not incredible fun.

As the fall rolled around I started looking to get back into a group. I wanted something with more stability and longevity this time around. I had spent a few months with m3 the winter the year before and kept tabs on them, so when I saw they were still active and recruiting I did not hesitate to contritely apply again, asking to be given a second chance. They said yes and I've never looked back.

Why is m3 Corp such a great place be? Three simple reasons:

1) Corp first. Everyone is encouraged to fly together, whether in combat or in PvE. Get on comms and shoot the breeze. The strength and health of the corporation comes before alliance demands and personal gain. We make sure our pilots get everything they need to succeed, whether it be access to ships/mods/ISK or advice and leadership.

2) If its not fun, you're doing it wrong. The corporate leadership understands that real life comes first as we all have family, jobs, responsibilities. As long as you are trying the corp wants you around even if you can't make every CTA and alliance op.

And most importantly...

3) Stable Leadership. I know the corp's directors are in for the long haul, I know their judgment is sound and mature, and I know their goals for the corp coincide with mine. There is no guessing about where the CEO or director's heads are at, there is no uncertainty about when someone with authority will be next online. There is no question that m3 Corp will be here in a month, year, etc.

I look forward to another year in m3 Corp.

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  1. Been great having you with us Kirith!!
    Max is hitting 3 years in a couple weeks!!