Thursday, September 16, 2010

Project Hades

So yesterday I talked about how my universal alt was causing problems as I sought to send her off to wormhole space. Well, here is post where I describe the reason I'm trying to ship her off to unknown space.

My low sec planetary colonies were doing well after I mastered the art of colony layout for efficiency, but I wanted to increase volume of production without adding a second character with colonies. I would have liked setting up shop in null sec but didn't want to break my alt's neutrality to null sec politics so that high sec remained safe, nor did I want to deal with hostile gate camps at crucial pipeline systems.

The perfect solution appears to be wormhole space: null sec resource volumes with possible easy access to high sec with diminished threat of gate camping. Working with my long time former mentor Nhi'Khuna from Drone Mutiny blog the search began for an appropriate wormhole system.

What Defines Appropriate?

My goals are to produce POS fuel for my corporation and alliance. I did some spreadsheet calculations and came to these rough numbers:

In essence, the ratio of needed POS fuel items was roughly equal to the ratio produced per cycle (ignoring the different cycle times as you go up the chain, some fine tuning will be required as time goes on) so I am quite confident that a system with Plasma/Lava planet(s) along with some Gas and Barren would suffice, with Storm filling in for Gas in a pinch.

My associate located an excellent C2 wormhole with a static high sec exit that suits our purposes perfectly, with a plasma and lava combo and some gas and barren to fill out the needs. He's started colonization and I'm working on moving into system this week as the stars align and I get some time.

Dicey Negotiations

Of course, the system is not unoccupied already. A small corp is living there and is hesitant about working with us, but have agree on paper to a non-aggression pact. That doesn't mean we'll be safe or even safer, but its better than pure hostility. As long as we don't infringe greatly on their resource gathering which appears more directed at harvesting sleepers than planets, we should be OK.

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