Monday, August 23, 2010

The Return of Kirith Kodachi

Last night while online there was a CTA and there was a cap fleet that, in theory, I could have participated in with the Wyvern. But I declined and opted for the conventional support fleet. The reasons are because I haven't had a chance for getting familiar with RAGE cap fleets specifically and NC cap fleets in general and I had the new machine that was lacking all the necessary channels and voice comms. In a normal carrier, I might have been more adventurous.

The good news is that the parking alt is almost done Advanced Spaceship Command V, with less than 20 hours to go. That means in about a week I'll be able to extract my ass from the Wyvern and get back into the game. There is a lot to do:

1) Get new clone setup with the optimal implants I want for the Wyvern. My current clone is an all purpose with +4 normal implants.

2) Get Chimera out of storage and into the area of operations.

3) Get conventional PvP ships up and ready to go including battleships, HACs, HICs, inties, and Recons... ECM recons. I miss jamming people.

I think I'll continue to use Kla'strit as a PvE character because I want to continue to increase his security status (currently at -4.06) and the Maelstrom is a good PvE ship until Kirith rebuilds his fleet.

Speaking of skills...

Kirith has just over 5 days left for Sentry Drone Interfacing V for those Tech II sentry drones, and after that I'm throwing in Gallente Cruiser V just cause I want some funky Gallente ships. My alt Korneilia just started Minmatar Frigate V for access to the Covert Ops class of ships for probing.

ALSO: Episode 13 is up.


  1. What are Kla's gunnery skills like for the Maelstrom?

    I've thought about the Minmatar BSs, but always defaulted to Amarr for the "no reloading" aspect.

  2. Kla's gunnery skills are top notch, almost all Vs across the board. So tech II large arty and autocannons.
    With artillery the reload is not much of an issue because the gun fires soooo slowly (but hits soooooooo hard).