Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Measuring Success

Despite my increase of playtime as of late, this has not translated into any killmails whatsoever.

1) Participated in a roaming gang that saw the gang have some success but I lost a Claw and Rapier.

2) Participated in a home defense effort that killed a couple ships before I got there.

3) Logged in one night to help with ISK making and had to log just before an operation.

4) Participated in a defense of an allied system but depsite spending over an hour I didn't get any killmails.

That last one was partly my fault for bringing a Rapier recon to a system where a fleet was shooting at POS mods and there were no reds in system.

So I'm making the best effort I can with the time I have available. When I was in Providence I had a lot more luck and managed at least 10 killmails a month easily, but I'm hoping its just bad luck here and it will turn around as I get more settled.

The corp has a goal of getting 10 killmails a month which I support. But my failure in August to get on the killboard has me all defensive and I have to restrain myself from prostrating on the forums with excuses and whines. The leadership is aware of my real life situation and lack of playtime and I assume if they are unsatisfied that I will receive notice. Still, I want to exceed expectations and contribute more.

So when it was suggested that upping the ante to a goal of 20 killmails a month I had to step back and ask "for what purpose?" And really, does 10 versus 20 make a difference if effort is being applied? And what about scouting and logistics. Although I don't show up on killmails I did some scouting in a couple of those engagements.

I like the idea of a goal to encourage new pilots to get stuck in, but a pilot getting over 100 killmails a month might consider 10 to be too low a bar to set. Logistic pilots might think 10 is too high. For me, 10 has been perfect up until this month of bad luck (ignoring March to July when log in time was near nil).

Of course, pilots making efforts in non-PvP fashion don't get any number to show for it on the killboard either. Carrier pilots moving stuff into 0.0, POS technicians making sure the towers are fed, leadership fielding convo requests and alliance discussions, Fleet commanders ironing out the fleet doctrine and ship setups, recruitment officers vetting the applications with interviews and background checks... and even me, the humble blogger, making the corp visible to the public and pushing possible recruits to the webpage like a publicity officer on the street.

Fortunately in M3's case the leadership is very aware of participation and effort outside of PvP and does take it into account. Otherwise they would have kicked me out a month or two ago.

So, 10 or 20, how do you measure success? Simple. The success of the corp.

Do things with others.


  1. Agreed. True success lies in your commitment to the goals of the Corp, participation is not only about numbers, but about more important things. I think it is fine to have goals, as long as they are realistic and treated within a system of understanding.

    Which, of course, I know you guys do already.

  2. I think this is ultimately why a corp never worked for me. I don't take orders easily or nicely. I'll take a hit and go down in a burning ball of flame for my wingmates, but I think I don't jive well with feeling I have an obligation to perform in a virtual, entertainment aspect.

  3. Anonymous5:00 am

    Well, it would sure be a help if you'd join the combined capital ops channel.


    Someone please tell Kirith to join this channel =P

    No shit, seriously, there is an entry in the MOTD just for you. Frankly I, personally, have been wondering at your failure to XTFU ever since you joined RAGE.

    On a personal note, if you feel it is overly difficult to make 20 killmails a month in a 0.0 alliance... you have no business living in nullsec, let alone sitting in a supercapital. I don't care what you're flying, 20 KMs is an unacceptably low level of participation even for logistics pilots, who can and should take a break and fly other stuff every so often.

  4. Maybe not even any point of comparing, but if my boss or corp EVEr set a mark of how many KM's i need to be on, that would be the last day they even saw me. Understand might be different in null, but living in lowsec as a pirate doesent get me involved in super mega big battles, but here some days it's hard work trying to find even 1 or just a few targets. Some months one manage to get over 100+ kills/month, but if suddenly had my RL situation changing, limiting my playtime a little bit more??? and then on top of that get a you must have a minimum of 10 mai!!!! Guess might be the only way to measure fleet participation in null nowadays, so maybe is the only way see which help out on OP's and which spend more time nurturing their inner carebear, but then it should be a question one would have to ask one self, if maybe not an industrial corp would't be a better choice. All comes down to what kind of a player one percepts oneself as i guess. Still, 10km/month shouldnt be an all to hard of a nr to achieve concidering the nr's involved in every fight.

  5. @kespernorth: Yeah, sorry about not getting in channel. Fixed that this morning.

    I've only been really active again for the past couple weeks since the birth of my third son in March. Him and the 2 year old twins have kept me on my toes a lot this summer.

  6. AS the CEO in question I can say that RL>EVE every single time.

    We use that figure as a goal to aim for (as well as targeting the next corp on the statistics for the alliance.) It's not laid in stone and I have yet to throw someone out because of it.

    Kirith has nothing to worry about or Apologise for.

  7. Kids change the game - you know it Kirith, and I know it. People who whine about your participation are still getting their jollies solo or with random hook-ups - they don't get it.

    I logged in Friday last for a scheduled op I really wanted to be in. Clone Jumped to 0.0 (since I don't keep implants in my 0.0 clone), boarded ship, joined comms and fleet - and my wife called because the baby had spit up all over her bed and clothes, and she needed help changing everything. In the end, the op left local before the baby settled down to sleep.

    My KB stats for the summer?
    June 3 kills
    July 1 kill
    August 2 kills

    My RL stats for the summer?
    1 new baby (healthy and happy)
    1 happy 2 year old (with regular daddy time every day)

    EVE < RL so screw those who don't get it...

  8. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Thanks for getting in the channel. Kids do indeed change everything. I didn't realize you had any, having not paid close attention to your blog prior to M3 joining RAGE. I won't be having kids of my own for a few years yet, but I expect to go through a similar process.

    Sorry for being harsh in my first comment, I sperg out pretty quickly when people complain about stringent requirements for PVP, but it sounds like you've got legitimate reasons for not xing up much (as opposed to being too busy grinding sanctums).