Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Perfect Maelstrom

Last night I got my Eve time and went to the computer to log in.

"Emergency Downtime"

Well crap. So I puttered around with various things like Gratuitous Space Battles (would have been Batman but it was uninstalled for space) until Eve came back and I could log in again. I found the corp was gearing up to take out a few anomalies so I jumped Kla'strit into the Maelstrom and buckled up for a test flight.

I was pleased with the 1200mm artillery range and DPS. At optimal the salvo could punch holes through the shields and into armour, battlecruisers especially melted under my weapons in seconds. The multiple flights of drones are so nice (FIX THE ROKH) and the tank was impressive enough that even when I caught most of a spawn's aggression I handled it without sweat as the X-Large Shield Booster II fixes over 1100 points per cycle on this ship with this setup. Overall, more than acceptable as a PvE ship. But.....


But its not me.

Its been months but whenever I log in and fly as Kirith I feel like an impostor. I've gotten familiar with Minmatar ships and projectile weapons (ignoring the fact I had 2000 rounds of the wrong tech II ammo in my hold last night) but I miss my Caldari ships, my Gallente backups, and my railguns and missiles. I miss my carrier. I miss my name in local and my ugly mugshot.

The good news is that Kirith will be free to leave the confines of the supercarrier in a bit more than a week as the alt is nearing the end of its training. I can't wait to cruise down to Tash Murkon and shake the cobwebs out of the Ninveah.

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  1. Dude that has totally got to suck! Good luck on getting out of that thing and back into space where you belong.