Thursday, August 19, 2010

Colonies Redux

Last week I showed off my two colonies and a lot of feedback showed where I was being inefficient and losing materials. I revamped my colonies and added two more, one on a gas planet to produce Oxygen and another on a Plasma planet to produce Enriched Uranium. Here are the revamped and new colonies.

Storm Planet
I kept the extractors but moved the factories to the new launchpad and route everything into it. I was able to add two more base factories to keep up with demand. I know the whole centre of the complex could be moved to make the links from the extractors more efficient but I couldn't be bothered.

Barren Planet
The advanced factory is so out of place because it was part of the original design without the launchpad. The extractors are also the old ones, but the launchpad and four basic factories are all new as well as all the links. Producing Mechanical Parts here.

Gas Planet
Since Oxygen is a P2 resource there is no need for two types of P1 resources to process, thus the complex is very compact and efficient.

I'm considering the distributed processing methodology where I do nothing but extract on resource planets and ship the P1s to barren / temperate planets in high sec for production. My next phase where I exploit wormhole systems might rely on that type of colony setup to maximize return on investment.

Plasma Planet
This is the rarest planet that I've setup a colony on and it produces Enriched Uranium slowly. I made a mistake when creating the colony and forgot to build a launchpad and instead used the Command Centre. This of course caused me to run out of space pretty darn fast. I fixed this after one day but the resulting re-jiggering has the launchpad and the Command Centre in the opposite locations. Oh well.

Due to the slow rate of production, this is the only colony I wish I had Elite Command Centre for to increase resource extraction.

Final thoughts
Compared to invention, I find Planetary Interaction much more satisfying as an industrial experience. There were times when setting up invention jobs where I just wanted to scream and die. Only ten at a time and each one was a journey of agonizing clicks.

While I agree that PI is very clicky at least its fast and I'm hopeful that the next iteration will add some shortcuts to the process of setting up extractors for a new round.

My next project is to find a wormhole to exploit and see if the resources are considerably more plentiful than in low sec, and if so, how much more and if it would make it worth the logistic hassle to exploit it and ship P1 and/or P2 material out. If any wormhole dwellers have some info on that topic, I would love to hear it (comment or email).


  1. Comparing the colonies in our Cl.4 wormhole with those in a .3 system, the wormhole consistently extracts 50% more raw materials per extractor.

  2. Oxygen in my world is a P1. :-) Your gas planet set-up is optimal for a sinle P1 extraction site. Ditto for your plasma, although as you note, you are better off moving thos processors as close to the LP as possible to save on grid. Also, if you do not know this already, you can double click on extractors to start surveys and then double click on the preferred time. Do an extractor cluster and then double click on Submit.

  3. Your setups look a lot better this week. I know for me it's something I learned over time as I did it -- sure, I watched the tutorials, but it still took actually pacing things and messing up in order to figure out what works best.

  4. For what it's worth, comparing a similar plasma set up with an Advanced command center, I can produce about 500 Enriched Uranium per day on the 23 hour extraction cycle. This is just from the initial work-up. I could likely get better numbers with further optimisation.

    I hope that helps you prepare for wormhole extraction.