Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wrong Side Of The Law

My alt Kla'strit is a pain in the ass.

When the move to the north was announced I focused first on getting the supercarrier and the support crew in place. Once that was complete, I then turned my attention to Kla'strit. Getting him to the north was easy, just pop in a shuttle and fly as fast as I can. His ships are another story.

I had an interceptor (Claw class I think), a Rapier recon cruiser, and a Sleipnir command ship, all rigged of course and in low sec Tash Murkon region. It was an easy matter to get them to the north high sec base: sneak Korneilia into low sec with a freighter, package the ships in courier contracts, and then autopilot at my leisure (Safest Route, not Shortest!) to the high sec base.

And here I had a problem: the low sec base was a lot more active than the Tash Murkon low sec system and too risky to try and insert a freighter. But Kla'strit was still shoot on site in high sec.

NOTE: last night a corp mate tried to tell me I was safe in 0.5 security space because my security status was above -5.0 and my Caldari faction standing was only -2.7. I assured him I would be shot at (and had actually been shot at a few seconds before). From Evelopedia:
How does my security status affect my ability to travel?
Security status, or lack thereof, can have a big impact on your ability to travel through the EVE universe. Players with sufficiently low security status will be attacked by the empire navies if they enter high security systems.
Here is a brief list of your travelling options according to security status:
  • Players with -2.0 or worse will be attacked in 1.0 systems
  • Players with -2.5 or worse will be attacked in 0.9 systems
  • Players with -3.0 or worse will be attacked in 0.8 systems
  • Players with -3.5 or worse will be attacked in 0.7 systems
  • Players with -4.0 or worse will be attacked in 0.6 systems
  • Players with -4.5 or worse will be attacked in 0.5 systems 
Just a little more ratting and I will be ok.

Anyways, I figured I could definitely outrun the police in the interceptor, and probably outrun them with the recon, but the command ship was too risky. Instead I turned to my corpmates and asked for someone with better standing to get them through that last gate. Maximus stepped up for me once more and soon I will be in null sec causing no end of trouble.

* * * *

But that was not my only run in with the law. I purchased some standard Mindflood boosters for the supercarrier as backup until my order for Improved and Strong boosters is filled. Five boosters in a cargohold of a blockade runner, traveling with me at keyboard from gate to gate, and guess how many times border agents stopped me in 16 jumps?

9 times. Nine freaking fines of ~327,000 ISK each and a 0.1 faction standing loss with Caldari. Maybe I need to do some more research into smuggling.


  1. They did 'something' to contraband or the way it is tracked and/or noticed. Yours is not the only report of getting stopped, fined and dinged for standings. If I had to hazard a guess, I would suggest that the customs agents pre-Tyrannis were not working. Too many donuts or a script error along the way.

  2. Ditto what Kename said. Others have noticed the buff to customs. Could be they're working harder ahead of all the pending PI tariffs they're about to receive. :-)

  3. Yes, definitely customs was stealth buffed. I've been caught multiple times in the last week or two, and had never once been caught before. Going to have to start hauling drugs with mules - suicide alts who's standings don't matter and who don't have any isk to fine.