Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Over two years ago I started writing "Kirith's Fighting Spacecraft" articles for the Eve Tribune starting with the Caldari Caracal. After 23 articles covering 5 ship hulls for each faction and 3 pirate hulls I decided to pull them all together and publish it as a single document. Realizing my limitations I called for help in the graphics and layout department and some great volunteers stepped up to help me turn my words into something better.

So today I'm proud to announce the release of Project Athena (PDF document, 64 Mb so please right-click and choose 'Save Link As'), ninety pages of ship classes and historical events as imagined by me while attempting to remain compatible with the known Eve history as much as possible.

Its free to download from my website and any ISK donations would be welcome and distributed amoung the volunteers who helped make my vision come true.


Alternate download link:

NEW: Mirrored on Eve-Files:


  1. Very nice job, noticed one problem so far, Page 19, pictures of the Damnation and Absolution are reversed. Continuing to read and love it, very nice work.

  2. excellent work! legendary.

  3. Awesome work. Are there plans for any more?

  4. Anonymous6:16 am

    Excellent work there :D
    I did notice on page 30 the second section of the Drake BCG-H description that there is a sentance fragment at the end "a target in place while the heavy missiles completed their task." and after that the last part of the DRAKE BCG-C description is after that also "Only a few hundred were produced for the fleets and they primarily see use in low
    security systems and the Black Rise region."

    Other than that major probs and i shall be sending iskies your way in hope of more versions :D

  5. Anonymous6:27 am

    props i meant props honest !

  6. Really love the look and organization of the document, great coverage and detail. It could use bookmarks or a Table of Contents to the particular ship pages.