Monday, June 28, 2010

Step Down

Faced with diminished (read: non-existent) gametime I stepped down from my position as Recruitment Officer for the corporation on Friday. Its very hard to perform interviews and talk about the corporation if I'm not in game. Not to mention active recruiting.

Its been frustrating reading about the game and not participating. You know you are too long out of the game when even logging in for a mission would be welcome. Oh well, this too will pass.

Right now blogging is the only thing keep me sane so expect it to continue.


  1. Sorry to hear that Kirith! Hope you do find a bit more game-time soon (to enjoy the game and hopefully not to get as much interviews done as possible).

    /me is a recruitment guy himself and very happy with EVE Gate because of that (As that leaves me with more time to do in-game stuff while in-game besides answering mails).

    I recently got two corpies to help as well, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll find people as well to step up and help lessen the load.

  2. ok... HTF do you go about getting good players?

    My corp is fairly small but expanding our ranks with ok/decent commited players is really difficult. We work on the idea of you get out what you put in, so if a player supports the corp we will support them.

    We've got a few commited people but then others come and go as they wish.

    But finding some more like minded players is like finding rocking horse manure...

  3. Hope you see you back in corp soon kirith. o/