Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Here are some various screenshots and images.

The first three are shots from a few weeks ago when the M3 Corp carrier fleet moved from Amarr space to Caldari.

In these two I'm 20+ km from undock point and the undocking carriers are flying out to me. Come to me my pretties! MUHAHAHAHHA!

At another stop we had no station so we linked our cap transfers in empty space and broke the laws of thermodynamics. Energy from the ether!

Korneilia's Orca.

Kla'strit's wolf doing some ratting work.

And the banner for the neophyte Broadcasts from the Ninveah I've been doing for Acinom's Not A Lot Of News Newshour Eve podcast. The first 6 five minute segments I've done are up now and you can listen to them separately from his podcast here. Although why you wouldn't just listen to Acinom's podcast is beyond me.

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