Thursday, June 03, 2010

Quiet Times

So I've been logging on as Kla'strit whenever I get 5-15 minutes to rat in my isolated null sec system and improve that security status.

Usually I warp in on a belt, orbit the biggest rat (usually a battlecruiser as the space I'm in is pretty crappy and I haven't had enough time to chain up some good spawns) and I kill the frigates first and then the bigger ships. I rarely even get my shields scratched in the process.

Last night however I warped in on a spawn of battlecruiser with cruiser escorts and while orbiting the battlecruiser I bumped into a few asteroids, killing my transversal speed and allowing those cruisers to whack me. My shields were gone in an instant and I dipped into armour, but the armour repper kept up easily and I maneuvered away from the 'roids and back into a good speed.

After that spawn I ran into a double battleship spawn at the next belt. First one in this system out of my previous 10 minute log ins and I quickly went to work. No problems killing the first except how long it took (miss the ratting HAM Cerberus to be honest) and was half way through the second when the baby woke up hungry and it was my turn to feed him.

Ah well, every bit of sec improvement counts. All the way up to -4.6 now. Yeesh.

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