Friday, June 04, 2010

Paxton Federation Is Dead

The founding corporation of Paxton Federation Alliance, Paxton Industries, announced yesterday that they were leaving the alliance. Remember how I talked about a democracy in an Eve alliance was like herding cats? I wrote:
The problem is doubly difficult in alliance built around a leadership council mechanic. Democracy may work great in a static environment where most of the membership is happy, but it sucks balls when things are rough and everyone has divergent ideas on how to go forward. It gets even worse when basic membership gets antsy and wants to know what the leading council is thinking and talking about so that they can give their two cents (and its usually worth that much too).


For those worried that Paxton will not recover from losing space in Providence, never fear. Paxton Federation will be back on the scene in null sec somewhere soon enough.
Apparently my optimism was misplaced. From what I can tell, the way forward that a lot of the membership liked was not sitting well with a tired and displeased Paxton Industry leadership. They have been in Providence for so long following the e-honour of NRDS that the thought of "rebuilding the alliance" for the next two years was simply more than they wanted to commit to. Rather than try, they are cutting loose and offering themselves up as applicants to any other interested alliances. A part of me would like to chastise them for their actions but I can see where they are coming from. Still, it sucks.

Paxton Industries is not just one corp of the alliance, it was the core. Forming one quarter of the members and a large contingent of its PvP base (not to mention industry), its departure effectively critically wounds the alliance and coming so soon after Firestar corporation left (another cornerstone) it is a morale blow the alliance will not recover from. Even as I type this other corps are tendering resignations from the charter, such as cornerstone Rennfeuer. Some hopeful souls are still trying to recover and rebuild from a smaller base of corporations and I wish them luck but I have my doubts of their success.

What's next for M3 Corporation? When its no longer secured information I'll let you know.

EDIT: I blame CVA for everything. I hope they rot in low sec.


  1. Anonymous3:05 pm

    What has low-sec ever done to you? Why would you wish that on it?

  2. And there goes another.

  3. With all the talk of solidarity during the last Providence war, and not just from you. It is curious to see the break up of PXF so quickly.

    Though since roughly this time last year M3 has been on the mean side of losing the drone regions, a short lived joining with the alliance that the Goons betrayed, and now PXF. There has to be some internal good natured ribbings about the Alliance selector.

    You need a new magic eight ball.

    Good news is M3 is still M3

  4. Sad to see Paxton falling. They were the only ones that seemed to have a handle on things down there before being blobbed out. I wish you and m3 the best of luck in the future.

    (I agree with you about CVA)

  5. Rumblings of trouble in Paxton post-eviction caught me by surprise. Sorry to hear it.

  6. Long time reader of your blog on the Capsuleer app but first time poster.

    One of my alts was in LFA until the end, and it was a pleasure flying with you guys including defense of D-G etc. For what it's worth, you were arguably 1 of the only 2 Provi alliances (the other being FCON) who emerged out of the whole invasion with your reputation burnished rather than in the gutter.

    All the best in all your future endeavour to both you yourself and M3, although personally as a NC grunt I hope would join us up here in the North :)


    P.S. Keep up the quality blog

  7. Good start.
    Renouncing slavery for the horror it is and they may yet redeem their souls.

  8. I'm sorry to hear things going south. I hope the best for you. You probably got a bit of an adventure ahead of you now for sure. Best wishes.