Thursday, June 10, 2010

Live Blogging The Quarter Economic Newsletter

New QEN, new post! As I read, the thoughts and pondering of your humble blogger. ONWARDS!

Cover Page - Oh pretty! (I didn't say they would be deep thoughts)

Page 8 - Population spikes followed by dips appears to be the new norm. Overall trend is still going up however. Will Tyrannis with its built in Planetville contribute to more subscriptions?

Page 9 - "The least flown capital ship was the Ragnarok." - No kidding, it looks horrible. I wouldn't be caught dead in the thing.

Page 10 - The population shift from East-West to North-South a result of the polarization of the North Coalition versus South Coalition war?

Page 11 - W-space population growth will only increase with the exploit ability of planets now. Beyond ice wormhole life is practically self sufficient .

Page 15 - Dropping prices for high end minerals attributed to increased availability in null sec. Yeah, I buy that.

Page 19 - Prophecy hull best Amarr hull, C/D?

Page 21 - "production of Tech II ships dropped by 31% from November to December" - No kidding the prices were getting INSANE!

Page 23 - 24 - Wormhole space overall has been a great addition to Eve. I hope future developments further develop this part of the game, i.e. w-space outposts.

Page 26 - Almost 40 thousand Strategic Cruisers have been built.

Page 29 - The Loki is the only one where the Covert configuration is more popular and sheer DPS.

Page 30 - "Strategic cruisers are becoming increasingly popular in PVP, with more being lost to other players than to NPCs in the last quarter." - *Snicker* Made me laugh.

Page 34 - More hacking in null sec space due to increased number of complexes.

Page 39 - Does that Rokh look like it has a larger drone bay to you?


  1. I think we're going to be seeing a lot more rags built over the next few years. The fleet bonus is still useless, but the obscene volley damage makes it the best titan to fly in combat now; with 105k gun volley it can take out a sniping battleship in one shot.

  2. I'm surprised the Prophecy is well regarded. The Harbinger seems a much better Battlecruiser. You lose the armour resists for more gank but gain extra slots.

    Possibly it's people starting level 3s. I felt very vulnerable in my Harbinger until I had a full T2 tank, it simply didn't prevent enough damage to be safe before that.

    Regarding Hacking I believe they've lowered the prereqs. I looked into it a year ago, saw the prereqs and thought "screw that". Now it's just Electronic Upgrades 3, Science 3.

  3. Anonymous4:58 pm

    The Prophecy has alot going for it. Its more survivable and more flexible than the Harbinger is. Not to mention its more economical as well.
    I went over alot of that a year ago as I searched for my first BC (wow, has it been that long!)

    So yeah, I agree, best Amarr hull.

  4. the prophecy seems to work better in pve and is easier and cheaper to get into compared to the harbinger, which is my guess as to why its more popular, but i also think the fact it looks better might have some effect :)