Friday, June 11, 2010

The Art Of Difficult Logistics

Being in the supercarrier at the end of the Paxton Defense meant that getting stuff out of Providence during the evacuation was difficult. But thanks to Max and some foresight I managed to get everything out with no losses or assets left behind.

Except one.

Kla'strit had a brand new sniepr Tempest delivered to 2-TEG before everything went south and I just didn't have the time to extract it properly before the evacuation was complete. So I decided to get it out or die trying. I know I could strip it down and try and sell it but I was feeling ornery and couldn't be dissuaded.

So yesterday before downtime I jump cloned to the system, saw there was only one bad guy in local, and made a break for it. There was a lot of hostiles in the next system, but none on the gates and I slipped through without issue. A few jumps later I landed back in low sec.

Of course, being part of RAGE means I'm red to CVA now apparently. And there was a lot of CVA in Misaba. I docked up and waited until last night before I made the rest of the journey to a low sec system bordering high sec; Yong to be precise.

Now I was faced with my outlaw status once more and required Korneilia to bring her freighter to haul the ship as a courier package, but getting the freighter into low sec was always fraught with danger, especially in Yong where Maverick Navy like to visit. So I waited until just before downtime once more, saw local empty except for one Paxton Industries guy that was docked in station, and infiltrated the freighter successfully with no issue.

Now the Tempest is safely on its way back to the North to be used and abused in PvP.

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