Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Last Bits

My Shopping List For Finishing the Wyvern:

- Nanite Paste for overheating damage. Can't dock up to quickly rep mods you know.
- Sensor Booster Scan Resolution script. Yeah, I forgot to get one when I bought my mods. Shut up. PS CCP: I would pay good ISK for tech II versions of these.
- Boosters. Specifically Mindflood for increased capacitor and Blue Pill for shield boosting.

The Mindflood drug is the most important for my supercarrier because using it can give me more energy to keep those all important hardeners online. Improved Mindflood gives a 15% increase and Strong gives 20%. The penalties are to things such as armour and shield repping, missile explosion velocity, and turret optimal range; none of those apply to the buffer tanked Wyvern so its a win-win.

For the odd occasion when I swap out to a capital shield booster, the Improved Blue Pill gives a 25% bonus to shield boost amount to the relative risk of capacitor and shield amounts. Its useful for those times when you just want to stay on top of the incoming damage.

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  1. Drugs are good... mm'kay

    (sorry, wanted to get to say that for a while).