Monday, May 31, 2010

Its Designed To Frustrate Me

Last night I roped up some corp members to help me retrieve the Fighter Bombers and Fighters from a distant low sec system and bring them back to base. Since these drones are 5000 m3 each the only feasible way to do that is jump freighter.

I had actually considered jumping the Wyvern to the system with the materiel (definition for Tony) and having my alt ferry the drones out 3 at a time in an industrial but didn't remember until after the jump that I still needed a ship with a ship maintenance array to put them in the drone bay which is the only spot big enough to hold them. Sigh. Orca is coming, another month to go.

So my corp mates stepped up, and one jump freighter and two cynos later everything was back at base. Another corp mate brought out his carrier and we attempted to have the jump freighter drop stuff into my corporate hangers where I could transfer to the drone bay using the other carrier's ship maintenance array to facilitate.

Nope. Freighters and jump freighters can only access corporate hangers at starbases. Well, better to learn that now instead of in a war zone.

So my jump frieghter buddy docked up and put the fighter bombers in his carrier's drone bay (he's rich by the way) and brought them out in that. Then he used the other carrier's ship maintenance array to unload them from his drone bay and drop them into my corporate hangers. Then I could use the ship maintenance array to load them into my drone bay. Woot!

With that operation successfully complete, the Wyvern is fully operational although not optimal. Still need Caldari Carrier V for that.

As another side note to this story, this morning I thought I would rearrange some extra drones with my alt. She could drop stuff into my corporate hangers, but not take stuff out because she was not in my corp despite being in my fleet. Dear CCP: fix that shit and give my more control over my ship, thanks.


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  2. Oh thanks Kirith, good use of vocab there then :)

    Also, agree on the issue of CCP fixing such annoying hindrances.