Monday, May 03, 2010


Last night I was on in Kla'strit's clone and jumped into a small gang looking for kills. I brought my Rapier, one of my favourite ships at the moment.

We tried to catch a lone Ishtar but he was evasive and disengaged. Later on he passed through our space and a fleet of 20 tried to grab him but just could not catch up before he reached Catch.

At a another point I was scouting for the fleet in Opticon space and jumped into a 12-15 ship gate camp. Whoa! I remembered my training and held cloak while getting a scan and accurate counts and letting the FC know there was a nasty surprise a jump or two out. Then I crashed the gate, MWD flaring, and the agile shield tank ship making it back with half shields to spare. The gate camp lacked any frigate sized ships to speak of and that contributed to my escape.

We rallied a fleet (the one that chased the Ishtar) and came back but the gate camp was gone and I had to log. Judging by the killboard they were long gone. Oh well.

No kills, but a good night flying.

* * * * *

In other news, my character sale of Derranna passed the auction deadline without any bids, so I lowered the starting price and extended the auction a week. Here is a link to the auction on the eve-online forums.

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