Monday, April 12, 2010

Well, So Much For That!

Remember that deep safe spot I was making using questionable techniques recently? CCP says no:

What we're doing
We're defining a "deep safe" for these purposes as any bookmark which is more than 10AU further from the local star than the furthest-out celestial object (planets or stargates).
  • You will no longer be able to create bookmarks outside this range
  • You will no longer be able to issue a "warp to" command to any location outside this range
  • You will no longer be able to open a cynosural field at any location outside this range
This should make these locations essentially unreachable, thus forcing ships within a given system to use the other measures available (docking, cloaking, warping around an awful lot) if they want to avoid being shot at.
Additionally, please note that we will be doing a "clean sweep" during Tyrannis deployment: ALL OBJECTS outside the 10AU perimeter will be removed, and by "removed" we mean "permanently deleted". Ships, cans, territorial structures - nothing will survive. If you have characters in ships outside this distance, the ship will be destroyed and your capsule will be returned to the station that your clone is set to. If you have things parked at "deep safe" spots that you'd like to keep after Tyrannis, or characters parked out there, we strongly recommend that you move them prior to May 18th.
Personally, I still think they are going the wrong way on this but I don't get a vote. Sigh.

I pity the fool that logged his titan/supercarrier out at one of those and doesn't move it back within range before May 18th. ;)


  1. All that hard work... poof! Drat.

  2. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Bah, and I only just learned how to do this..!

  3. You knew it was coming though, it what shape and form it was uncertain but they had to go.

    For bridging fleets there needs to be a mechanic change though as the lag fights now are unacceptable.

  4. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Yeah, seriously you had to know this was coming.

    I consider it a good thing. You can look at it in one of two ways: a) you won't be able to make deep safe spots to have a special advantage; or b) you won't have to spend hours to work your way to a deep safe spot to have the advantage everyone else has.

    I tend to go with b, the glass is half full.

  5. Yeah, we knew it was coming. I suppose what irks me most is the rather heavy handed way it has been communicated. This is being treated as an exploit or a RMT event almost, with their draconian, "We will delete it all." mandate.

  6. In all fairness it was an exploit of the log off system though, and as said in their post those bookmarks are almost impossible to scan down now since the changes to scanning.

    I don't think there's any cause for complaint here really, it's not a major exploit, but it is still one and it's being corrected. Thumbs up from me tbh.

  7. So... Am I reading this right and it's still possible to have a somewhat deep safe? By moving perpendicular to the orbits of the planets you can go as far as the outermost planet's orbit + 10au? so if the outermost planet is 190au away you can still have a "deep" safe 200au away straight up or down?

  8. @ReatuKrentor: Good point, yes perpendicular dss will still exist sort of.

    @everyone else: I'm not losing any sleep over this change myself. I am glad they're evening the field by deleting old ones as well even though it means I lose mine.

  9. (Imagine a classroom of kids saying this)


    Oh well, I guess in the end it IS an exploit and all. It's just that I even changed my EVEMON plan to try to get a couple in my new SB before Tyrannis. Such is life...

    But yeah, like in Reatu's example, are we to now think of a system as a sphere encircling the outermost planet in that system (whatever that distance is from the sun) + 10 AU??

    If that is how a system is now defined, that still ain't all that bad. Don't know about leaving that MOM unattended though.

    And that is the only real thing about this change that sux - you have to be a lot more careful leaving stuff out there.

    Oh and one other thing, is the Poseidon technique still the easiest way to get a bookmark as close to that 10 AU as possble in a decent amount of time??

  10. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Now I agree to removing the log-off trick to make a deep safe, but that's it.

    I think there should be a way to make a deep safe through a proper mechanic. I don't see one coming though.

    Regarding perpendicular deep safes: without the log-off trick, how do you make one?

    I object to the heavy handed way of elimintating the existing safes.

    I think the 10AU beyond the farthest celestial works for large systems, but in a small system this might put you within any scan no matter where you put your safe (I'm not sure how many small systems like this there are, but I believe there are some.) Maybe we should have a minimum size too, so 10AU more than the distance to the farthest celestial, or x AU, whichever is larger.

  11. [quote=CCP Lemur]We've altered our plan addressing various concerns that you all voiced here in a reasonable manner. There will be a follow-up blog later today or tomorrow.[/quote]

    well that doesnt surprise me one bit lol.

    now wheres the follow up blog that was posted 2 days ago :(