Thursday, April 08, 2010

Skill Breakdown

I haven't had time to log in and actually do anything in Eve (or any downtime at all for that matter) so it makes it harder to blog. So I figured I'd give the 60 million skillpoint breakdown I promised last week.

As you can see, Kirith is a very generalist combat character, with lots of ship types and capable in guns (rails to be specific), missiles, and drones. The Wyvern training will increase Drones as I train up for Fighter Bombers, and a little in Electronics for the Remote ECM Burst module.

Now let's look at Derranna with her 57 million skillpoints.

Although she has been doing combat training in Tech II projectiles and Minmatar combat ships, you can see the Industry and Science still dominate her chart, and gunnery/missiles/drones are still small. Not to mention Engineering... (/me makes note to make Tech II shield tanking skill plan).

As a side note, Kirith is in the throes of the long Fighters V skill (40+ days to go) and Derranna is on the last day of Minmatar Battleship V.


  1. Someone else might already have asked this, but how do you intend to deal with the fact that you can't dock the supercarrier? Do you feel comfortable with using a capital ship maintenance array, or will Kirith become your Wyvern alt with most of your more general play transitioning to your other two characters?

  2. Wow, at this point I can only dream of 60 million skill points. Up over 10 mill with 2 chars now but WOW! Keep it up and let us all know how everything with the Wyvern continues to go.

  3. congrats on the good ol 60 kir, just about to hit 40 on Talinthi myself.

    @Tor: your forgetting he has a relatively well trained minmatar combat toon on top of kirith and derrana so he can easily comdemn kirith to a slow painless death in the wyvern hehe.

  4. @Tor: as Tal said I have another alt with 57 mil skillpoints of pure PvP, and I plan to make a "parking alt" as well. I don't know if I would ever trust a cap maint array but we'll see.

  5. A "parking alt" would have just enough skills to sit in the Wyvern, but not enough to fly it well? Quick EVEMon calc shows that would be about 140 days. Not as bad as I thought.