Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How Not To Sell A Ship

So I see a thread of someone selling a Wyvern for a decent price:

The inital post is a little rambling, talking about character and officer mods possibly for sale as well, but we see twice that the price is 15 billion. Except that he then says starting bid is 15 billion. What the hell? Is it a sale or auction?

Then a bumping post seems to reinforce the selling of the Wyvern.

But I'm unsure so I post to clarify, asking what the deal is. What is the response?

The "current price is 16 bil"! No sign of bids in the thread, so unless he got bids via Evemails it seems like he pulled the higher price out of his ass. Couple that with the weird sentences that follow and I'm not confident that this guy can tie his shoes much less transfer a supercarrier to a buyer.

I understand that his first language might not be english, but the lack of capital letters, proper sentence structure, coherent thoughts, and short forms for already short words leads me to think... otherwise. Needless to say I'm going to pass on this one unless I see the price drop.


  1. If it smells like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck... it's probably a duck.

  2. Anonymous2:21 pm

    It's clever how there is both a 17.5 billion buyout and a 16.5 billion buyout in that last message; I guess it's buyer's choice?

  3. I *think* that the 16.5 bil buyout is for buyers that will complete the transaction before the weekend, and the 17.5 bil is the long term buyout. But I agree the seller does not know how to sell something corectly.

  4. heh, I know this guy - he's in my corp. I'll vouch for him as not a scammer. Although I will admit his post looks shady!

  5. I never got the feeling it was shady, I just was nervous about the pilot's competence level when dealing with the supercarrier and the billions of ISK. It felt rushed and a little haphazard and I lost confidence that it would be a smooth transaction.

  6. ^^^^ - nice try Squizz

    So says the blogger with NOTHING in his profile....muthaf*@#in scammers, man o.O

    I guess every universe needs a@#holes to complete it.

    Don't believe the hype Mr. Kodachi

  7. ....unless you are THAT desperate.

    In that case, for 15 bil, BOY do I have a deal for you ^_^

    Money up front, of course.

  8. "Third Party: Chribba or darkness ...buyer pays the fee"

    Hard to do a scam if you're accepting Chribba's third party service. Just sayin'.

  9. Kirith, yup I understand. I can't wait to get online tonight and give him a hard time about it too! I'm sure others already are hehe

    And OkamiKurai, I don't blog. I post from my GMail account which is probably why you're seeing an empty profile. Anyhow, Kirith may recognize me as a long time reader and commenter on his blog here, which is why I piped up and decided to vouch for my corpmate.

    I can't wait to see Noct flying in a Crow with me, it'll be quite a change for him :)

  10. Well well im famous, ya might be a vague post but...I am the seller and i did get offers ingame no one post's much in forums, i kept it ingame and i respectedly replied to them. Understand this for whom ever so desperately made this thread ...1. i kinda like it gives u a reason to be alive i guess. 2. Did u get hurt feelings cuz i didnt sell u the ship cheap. 3. if someone ingame gives me a buyout offer 17.5 .then renig's then i can just say , the hell with it buy out is this 16.5 today . so understand its my choice what i sell it for and if i feel like it ill raise it or lower it. But the conversation i put is mainly for serious buyers not forum junkies who desperately need a reason to be a "how not to' paparrazi

  11. Now thinking about it - it is one of the worst, and somehow at the same time, one of the best things about EVE.

    While you may be telling the truth Squizz, I don't believe you ^_^ (not that my opinion matters much, I am just saying).

    Really, it's more like I CAN'T believe you even if I wanted to. The shady look of all this may be coincidental, but past a certain point and dollar amount one must assume scam. Real or imagined.

    Damn this game - but maybe that is why I like it so much in the end.

  12. Looks like Noct is here to defend his level of education? It would appear he has failed again, lol.

    Hint: The red squiggly lines under the words means you spelled that word wrong. :)