Monday, April 05, 2010

Shameless Blog Flogging II

There are a few bloggers that belong to my corp (or used to) and two new recent members started blogging some really good stuff so I thought I would push some traffic their way.

Lumenarious Rex has been doing some great information/instructive posts on scouting and camping at his blog A Scout's Domain. A sample:

As before, we are fairly safe making the following assumptions:

- The hostile fleet will have a competent FC
- The hostile fleet will have an competent advance scout who will not warp to 0 KM on the gate
- The hostile fleet, when faced with adversaries of greater numbers will choose to run rather than fight.

Since this particular deployment is anchored around the star gate, many wouldn't consider ship position to be that critical to the success of the camp.  That assertion would only be partially correct. Depending on the class of ship and it's role, position in relation to the gate is critical.  

As you can see, it sounds like he knows what he is doing. 

Another new entry to the blogosphere is Orakkus who is a quality Minmatar pilot and has some keen insight into that empire's ships at his blog, 2nd Anomaly From The Left
The Minmatar Cyclone is a ship rarely seen on the battlefields of today.  More often, the familiar style is seen in the Commandship variants, the Sleipnir and the Claymore.  Nearly all of the PVP duties that the Cyclone engaged in have been taken over by the much feared and respected Hurricane.  As much as I would like to say “Here’s a way to make it AWESOME!”, the simple fact of the matter is that due to its bonuses and due to the fact that its an active shield tanker.. there is simply no realistic comparision that we can do between the Hurricane and the Cyclone.  The Hurricane can passively tank better, do far more damage both long and short range, using any type of AC or Arty and doesn’t require you to be reasonably skilled in two weapon systems.  So, never get a Cyclone, right?
Well, besides being one of the best looking battlecruisers in the game (its got that steampunk/japanese pagoda/locomotive look going on..), it does have two advantages over the much praised Hurricane.  Its cheaper and, in very short spurts, can take much more damage if setup correctly.  This advantages are complimented by a slightly larger drone bay (40 m3) and that it is quite inexpensive to fit, and a decent PVP fit can be had with T1 equipment (which is nice when you are just starting to try out Battlecruiser PVP). 

Go read the rest.

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