Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The End is Nigh

Last night AAA and allies attacked the sovereignty of 13-17 CVA systems in Providence. For all intents and purposes, CVA is done in Providence for the forseeable future barring a sudden change in the southern political atmosphere.

So far, since D-GTMI fell Paxton Federation space has not come under direct attack and according to reports Paxton pilots continue to make up a decent portion of any Provi-bloc fleets. There has been some idle speculation about why Paxton space has not been assaulted but the most sure bet is just that since we are in the middle of Southern Providence we are not a high priority target like CVA or the Severance and Steel pocket constellations. Regardless, we are prepared to fight at the end with whatever we got. And the end is near I fear.

For the corp, the war has been a good chance to prove ourselves. On the killboard we've been posting the highest percentage of active pilots (54% pilots getting in on 10 kills or more in March) in the alliance and consistently in the top 3 for most killmails despite being smaller than average. We're developing a really good core of PvP pilots and FC experience.

My only regret is that the new baby is really doing a number on my gametime but I remember this from two summers ago and I know things will settle down eventually. In the meantime, I live vicariously through my corpmates.

Meanwhile, let's check in on the Carebear Brigade who were found slacking last time...

That's better!


  1. Anonymous8:12 pm

    How's the latest carebear doing? Well, I hope.

    I noted that Paxton Federation recently took sov of 7MD-S1 in Catch. It looked to have been uncontested - very few ship kills on dotlan then and now for that system.

    Paxton controls a diagonal across Providence which borders CVA+FLA at one end, and CVA at the other, with borders to Catch in the middle. That looks (to me, but I'm not much of a strategist) like a desirable bit of space for anyone coming from Catch and wanting to take those CVA and LFA systems at each end.

    Not coming under attack since D-GTMI. Expanding into Catch uncontested... hmmm, hmmm.

    Perhaps all is not so dire for Paxton after all.

  2. I wonder if Paxton has considered jumping onto the bandwagon and trying to negotiate with -A-? I think CVA has to go, but maybe you guys could save your territory.

  3. If you start training their accounts now, the brigade could be in Titans by Kindergarden!