Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Battle of MH9C-S

I mentioned on Monday how Ushra'Khan along with all other New Provi residents came rolling in on Monday and set about to attacking MH9C-S system (aka MH9) in an attempt to begin to kick Paxton Federation out of Providence.

On Wednesday afternoon the first reinforced timer was due to end, on the Infrastructure Hub (aka I-Hub) and Paxton rallied its forces to prepare to try and repel the invaders. I wasn't there (:sad face:) but I will let my alliance leader Randall Alba describe it as he posted on Scrapheap Challenge:

Since the initial attack on MH9 Paxton have been on a full war footing with all active pilots expected to be in fleets ready to defend our little corner of space.

The iHub was due out of reinforced just after 20:00. Fleet formed quickly as we entered EU primetime reaching about 160 as our friends in CVA came from empire to support.

Scouts were deployed and a close eye kept on the map for force buildups. The only major concentration seemed to be in 9UY with a titan ready to bridge.

Reports came through that the titan was beginning to bridge but a comms failure meant that the target system wasn't know immediately. The defence fleet couldn't move to block until hostiles began to enter system, most burned out of the bubbles and warped off to regroup.

Enemy was located at the gate to T-R. Sniper fleet warped to engage and an extended action occurred near the gate with both fleets manouvering on grid and using warp outs to reposition. U'K and friends eventually disengaged to reform.

The iHub was by this time out of reinforced so the decison was taken to engage the SBU's which immediately brought the hostile fleet back to engage.

Carriers were then deployed to repair the ihub. The full force of the remaining hostiles relocated to engage them with the main defence fleet in pursuit. Carriers were safely extracted to a friendly POS.

Shortly after this U'K appear to have decided to call it quits for this one and began to pull out.

SBU's were again targeted but the only interference was from an occasional straggler.

All SBU's destroyed and repairs to iHub ongoing as I had to leave to get some sleep.

Battle as seen on PXF killboard

A big thanks to our friends who came to help directly and also those who were operating nearby and intercepted a number of hostile supply vessels en-route.

It was an intense totally smack-free fight and I think everyone had lots of fun.
While no one has any illusions that this is the end of the invasion of our constellation, its a satisfying outcome and a big morale boost to the alliance. Great work to my alliance mates for fighting the good fight and showing that we will not go quietly into the night.


  1. This was the most fun I had since D-GT :)

    Congrats PXF, you brought it. We'll do it again soon, I think ;)

  2. D-G was no fun for me, 35 minute grid loads only to finally see local and realize you've been dead for who knows how long.

    This was much better and actually fun.

  3. Please don't promote me Kirith :)

    Gibguard is the alliance leader, I am just the interfering diplomat.

  4. Sorry, should have said "one of the alliance leaders".

    I will use "slippery diplomat" in future posts ;)

  5. I passed through in my cloaky tengu while this was in action, had a heart attack when I arrived on a very messy gate, but i managed to sneak through. We may not be blue to each other any more but best of luck all the same.