Monday, March 01, 2010

They Can't Shut Me Up!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of recording with Darren and Karen for Shut Up We're Talking episode 59, in which we talk about Ubisoft's DRM and Eve Online.

Had a great time, love podcasting.


  1. Then you should do more of it. Knock on Atraxerxes maybe. He's got a new "talk show" style EVE podcast called WTFFTW. You can talk about Canada.

    Downloading SUWT now…

  2. That's "knock on Atraxerxes *door* maybe". Don't knock on him. That would be mean.

  3. Nevermind the "You can talk about Canada" thing. I'm 10 minutes into Shut Up We're Talking and you've already covered enough Canada.


  4. Love the comments about STO. I made it nine days before cancelling.

  5. You have a good radio voice, maybe you should start the Outer Broadcasts of the Ninveah!