Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tactical Withdrawal

With the new member of the Carebear Brigade due on Monday my life has been shifting gears. The pregnant wife can't get around as much to take care of household chores or the boys, so I've been picking up slack there, and when the new baby arrives, I'll be pretty much AFK for two weeks if not more.

This would not be a problem if Providence wasn't burning on the edges.

I like to have a lot of ships in my hanger, a ship for every purpose and doubles of important ships like sniping battleships. I roughly tallied up the value of the ships in my hanger in Providence, and the list started like this:

2 x Megas
2 x Domi

And then I started into the Battlecruisers. All ships fitted out too (except the Raven that I got on sale). Needless to say the thought of coming back from leave and finding the outpost in enemy hands with several billions ISK worth of ships was not attractive. So I began a pull out of assets from Providence to low sec within one carrier jump away. On Sunday I finished and breathed a sigh of relief, my hordes of ships safer in low sec.

I think if I get some spare minutes here and there I might trim the fleet down to a more manageable level.

Anyways, the process of the multiple jumps (carrier can only carry two battleships at a time) took up all my reserves of fuel so I had to send Derranna out last night to pick up some more in case I do find some time and I jump back with a couple PvP ships to Providence for one more go.


  1. Anonymous9:49 am

    Best wishes for you bro, I hope all goes very smooth. Sorry on your home a 'burning' now I feel a little bad..ok I am over it now :) I can only wish you the best with your kids.

  2. Anonymous9:55 am

    All the best bro and best of luck with the new miner. :)

    Yeah, I'm kind of fascinated to see what goes down for me once I do activate Khuna and Sidaris. I know Sidaris can get her stuff out, since it's all empire staging point. Khuna will be tricky. It'll have to be a quick pack and jump methinks. Stuff might get left behind. Should make for an interesting blog entry. ;)

  3. Anonymous10:39 am

    Wishing you and your wife all the best with the delivery and all. Given your first experience - twins and all - hopefully you'll find having just one this time a whole lot easier.

  4. All the best in the coming days, here's to a safe arrival!

  5. Star Defender and LightTraveler sending best wishes for the new pod pilot. Fly Safe!

  6. good luck mate and may your eve time pick back up in a couple of months.

  7. Best of luck to you and the family expansion!! Remembr, if they're old enough to grasp a baby bottle, they can learn about joysticks. Ow, ow...my wife disagrees!!! :-)