Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Titan = over $7000

Over at Jump On Contact, there is a diagram pointing out the real life cost of various ship classes from the humble Thorax at less than a dollar to the mighty Avatar titan, estimate at around 7600 dollars to build. Go over there and read the whole thing.


  1. Thanks so much for the mention!

    I've been meaning for ages to post something about your rokh petition, since I, too, fly rokhs with some frequency. Now that I got this image done, I should get to it soon.

  2. I think your link may have broken Drew's site. Haha! I can't get in to peruse his posts; it just redirects to the image you have linked...

    On topic, though: I thought this was really cool. What else was cool is that the ship that really catches my fancy is the Thorax, the farthest one on the left. Can't wait until I get a computer that runs EVE...

  3. Just to give you a comparison to other games, according to the times on the chart, I could have gotten a Nidhoggur, an Orca, 2 Hulks, 2 Vagabonds, a Damnation, a Guardian, and a Buzzard in the same time it took me to get my 6 piece set if tier 2 shard armor (the best non-raid armor) in EverQuest 2. And I got my armor the fast way. By rights it probably should have taken me twice as long to get it.

    Let's just say that getting the ships would be a lot more satisfying than getting that stupid armor was. Just another reason I'm playing Eve now.

  4. Yeahhhhhhh, I had to shut down the blog for the day until the flood of traffic passes. I posted it to reddit and it hit the front page and spent most of the morning trying to get my blog to serve that many people. It was not to be, so I surrendered and just forwarded to imgur. Hopefully some of the like 50k people who tried to visit today will come back and see the blog tomorrow when I try to resurrect it.