Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sometimes You Get Lucky

I logged in last to check how things are going and lucked out to find a fleet leaving "RIGHT NOW" to go help out our allies in Sylph who ran into trouble with bill payments much like the Goons did. I jumped into Barbosa, my sniper Megathron battleship, and met the fleet at the rally point just as the order came to move out.

We got to J6QB-P and went about anchoring some Sov Blockade Units to disrupt the new Ushra'Khan sovereignty there. At one point a U'K fleet warped to 100 km to try and harass us but the battleship arm drove their HACs off with no damage except a lone Crusader interceptor that got pointed and then killed along with an Eris interdictor. I lucked out again this evening as I managed to lock the Crusader before he was destroyed and get in on the killmail.

After an hour of helping out I was out of time and had to log. According to the killboard, about an hour later the fleet snagged a Nidhoggur carrier, which if true, is awesome! Good work team!

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  1. Anonymous10:06 am

    Nice, I almost went to join in that fight but it was 1am in the morning for me. I must go visit that system at some time though - it's got the most unusual player created station... need to take some screenies.