Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Live Blogging The Quarter Economic Newsletter

The Q4 2009 economic newsletter is out! Here we go with our live blogging of my reading of it. Enjoy!

Page 6 - More Eve subscriptions than the population of Iceland.

Page 9 - Hulk drops from top spot of the "ships people are in" snapshot. Hulkageddon effect methinks. Drake now most popular... someone's head in our alliance just exploded.

Page 11 - Caldari space pilot density almost twice that of the next highest. Most populated Null sec area is the "West" regions (Deklein, Fade, Pure Blind, Cloud Ring, Outer Ring, Syndicate). Providence most populated null sec region with 85.1 pilots per system! More pilots per system and Aridia in Empire.

Page 13 - 27000 pilots in Jita. E-gads! Over 472,000 pilots total in Eve. "[A]lmost 15% of the total population of the EVE universe being located in the top 10 of 7,700 accessible systems."

Pages 14 - 23 - All of the price indices showed a huge drop in October time frame.

Page 24 - The Forge commands 53% of relative share of total trade value. Jebus! Jita is a monster, isn't it?

Page 25 - A graph also known as "The Rise of JITA!" Feel bad for old trade hubs that used to compete in Placid, Genesis, and Essence regions.

Page 28 - "The trade for this particular day is at 140 billion ISK per hour and then declines to about 80 billion ISK as Europe and the US go to sleep." /me faints."The number of transactions follows a similar trend, with 8 to 10 thousand transactions per hour – or about 3.3 trades per second during the peak hour."

Page 29 - "The item that had the highest overall trade value was PLEX – the Pilot License Extension. It was by far the highest trade value, with 328 billion ISK used to trade 1,159 individual PLEXes." Each plex costs $17.50, so those traded PLEXes represents about $20280 in real money.


  1. Anonymous10:23 pm

    "Hulkageddon effect methinks."

    Hulkageddon happened after Q4 2009. :P

  2. About time for a Drake nerf or a Drake-a-geddon I suppose. Being popular attracts the attention of a lot of people. It's the price you pay for a versatility I suppose. It's good at tanking, tackling, mission running and can pass in a pinch as a ewar/salvage/hacking/RR fleet machine. [So can all the BCs, but that's beside the point. :) ]

  3. Drake's truly are obnoxious. I've been fighting and fighting the urge to get into a drake, but it's pretty sad that the only Minmatar ship I seem to be able to fly that can outperform it... is a Loki. And it doesn't outperform it by much. *laughter*