Thursday, January 28, 2010

What?! New Skills!? Crap!

I totally didn't pay attention to the changes to Citadel Torpedoes and the addition of long range Citadel Cruise Missiles. When I offered to take a corp Dreadnought for the defense of D-G, it was point out to me that none of them had Citadel Cruise Missiles at that point so we would hold off committing them to a possible long range engagement.

Of course, I don't have Citadel Cruise Missiles skills. Which requires 32 days of training to get Cruise Missiles V as a prerequisite. Gah.

I also want to get Triage mode for the carrier... which requires Logistics V, another 33 days of training.

Some days it sucks to be a generalist character.

Anyways, I'm 9 days from having all the Tengu subsystem skills at level 5 for my Cruiser Sniper of DOOM. Fortunately I've been too busy with the war to notice the wait and its almost done. Derranna is finishing up Large Projectile Turret IV tonight and then on to the slog of level V. Soon the Tempest Sniper of DOOM will be mine! MUHAHAHA!


  1. Anonymous3:04 pm

    I see your tempest sniper of doom and raise you a artillery specialist level 5 of uber pwnage

  2. Welcome to the true meaning of Gank :)

  3. Anonymous3:44 pm

    So much "of DOOM" :) I can't wait til April and I get a tachyon II fit Apocalypse Sniper of DOOM. :)