Saturday, January 23, 2010

Provi Versus Catch

Latest Eve Tribune article of mine is up, found here, about the opening of hostilities between CVA and the Holders and Against ALL Authorities and allies.


  1. Yesterday at 1500 Eve time -A-, U'K and Sys-K hit the D-G system in Providence.

    Cyno jammer down, jump bridges down, infrastructure hub reinforced, station services burned to the ground and the station is reinforced. Everything else is burning too.

    BC fleets and bomber squad runs won't deter us.

  2. Even in it's prime, Band of Brothers got more than it bargained for when it tried to invade providence. I wouldn't count the battle won yet (I'd think you would learn your lesson after last week).

    I'm in Goonswarm, but I'm in the corporation Merch Industrial. We got our first experience with nullsec thanks to CVA, and we'd be more than willing to return the favor. But I don't expect they want, or need, the help.