Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday Night Fights

Friday night I logged in and was expecting to join a CTA to go into Catch, but due to various issues it had been cut short and people were milling around Providence. I instead joined a defense gang going after a hostile force two jumps away. I decided to play tackle and got out Backup, my trusty Taranis.

We moved to engage the enemy fleet and in the ensuing conflict I got targeted early. I had a lock on a Vagabond so I decided to ride out the aggro instead of trying to flee, hoping my speed would keep me alive. Well, it didn't work and my ship and pod were quickly dispatched but the enemy Vagabond I had a point on met the same fate, so I'll take that exchange.

The surviving enemy fleet opted to run and log off before I got back in a Myrmidon so the defense gang disbanded. With some restless pilots in corp and time on my hands, we formed up a corp roam fleet of 7 or 8 of us and headed out into Catch and Curse where we went looking for trouble we could handle and running from trouble we couldn't.

Unfortunately, we didn't have much luck except for a Rifter that I used my Falcon to lure into a trap where my good buddy Mae West one-shot him into oblivion. We circled back into Providence and as we approached home we got word of a hostile Ushra'Khan fleet in a system. We started to head towards them but as more accurate counts came back we realized we were outnumbered. As we decided what to do, a large blue fleet ran into us and our FC coordinated with the friendlies to try and set a trap.

However, our luck failed to come through and the trap was mis-sprung and the enemy moved off without causalities. This was followed by some pathetic smack-talk in local by some of the UK pilots that made my respect for the alliance drop.

Our roam ended there with not much in the way of kills but no losses. I logged off pleased with the night's events and looking forward to a busy weekend with the family.

On Saturday morning, D-GMTI was burning. Against ALL Authorities has come knocking.


  1. Anonymous8:30 am

    yes indeed -A- and SyS-K have come a knocking. I can only wish you well mate and hope you don't fall under my guns :)


  2. Hey man, don't hold back. I'd love to be on a loss killmail from you. :) Or Ga'len, or Wensley, or any other of the awesome UK/AAA bloggers.

    I can get a lot of mileage out of a good grudge for years. ;)

  3. Hehe... if only kill/loss mails would all generate.

    Yesterday evening in D-G, due to repeated server issues a lot of them didn't, including the loss of my Mega. I'm not even mad because of the lag-caused losses, but I wish the killmail system would at least work, so a correct account of the battles can be held.

  4. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Amen to both of you...(I generally hold back from shooting fellow Blogpack members but Kirith said "don't hold back"...fair enough then. GL and lets hope that the damn server can take the punishment.

  5. I think the potential for this to be a really public fight among the blogging community is quite awesome. I hope all you guys give your accounts of what goes down often (save anything incriminating for battle strategy of course).

    Lets get the community following this thing. It's be the perfect case study for the epicness of 0.0 warfare.

  6. "I generally hold back from shooting fellow Blogpack members"

    Does that extend all Bloggers? If so, please spare me! =P

  7. I was a tad late getting home from work for most of the action. Got my ship to HED but had no clear eyes into D-G so missed out, as usual :(, from all the fun but more will be had and completely looking forward to it. As they say, see you on the battlefield!