Monday, January 11, 2010

Provi-Catch Heats Up

From the Scrapheap Challenge War and Politics forum:

Few words about battle aginst LFA, CVA & co. from C0ven point of view. I wasn't present during this action, so this is a copy paste from an alliance mate who is still waiting for posting rights in this forum.

We were gathered at 20 ET for another op when AAA called for support as they were outnumbered in F9E 200 to 600. We went back to FAT asap and reshiped to support (hacs lr, logistics, tacklers, cloakers) while Legiunea ROmana, that were part of our fleet, took LR BS. We were 150 man strong and ready to enter fight. Unfortunately jump planner was wrong and we wasnt able to jump through titan to system we wished to. Moreover few JBs were out of fuel and that cost us about 15 minutes delay. When we fnally jumped in to SV5 we saw "gf"s and "amarr victor"s on local - AAA was already leaving F9E gate being heavely outnumbered and outgunned. We loaded grid quite fast (less than 5 minutes), but once again bad luck - pos AAA told us to warp from the gate decided to shoot to us... We managed to load grid, regroup at ss and get ready to for engagement in few minutes nevertheless.
Our cloakers reported that enemy fleet is out of order and looting the field but, being afraid of grid loading, we decided to warp on a top of iHub. We went for our optimals while AAA regrouped (and reshiped i guess) and joined us there ins BSs with significant number of dictors. For few minutes there were single provi pilots jumping at iHub one by one (about 15, even one guardian), then squad of bombers tried to annihilate AAA BSs but failed and mostly killed by our HACs.
I meantime we heared about similar (about 150 man) fleet of our beloved sys-k who gathered in FAT and on their way to join us.
Few minutes after that bomb run whole BS fleet followed by tremendous number of support ships warped on 0 on iHub (very poor chice - this way they were at optimal from both our and AAA fleet standing on the both sides of the iHub. Shooting began. Lag was bad but not terrible, guns were cycling nicely, but there were loads of ghost ships and locking issues (we had like 5 people cycling at calling primaries when one or another wasnt able to refresh overview or lock single ship) but bubbled provi fleet took heavy losses in that first 10 minutes of a fight (we lost about 5 ships or so).
After that 15 minutes sys-k fleet reached SV5 and made lag almost unbearable. ghost ships, overview and locking issues become multipled, guns stoped to shoot etc. Provi fleet was still losing ships but much slower (due to lag caused problems and lack of bubbles on them). After another 30 minutes of that fight they decided to rewarp and lost few dozens of ships that got tackled or didnt load grid fast enough when they come back (i have no idea why they warped back to the same terrible location in a middle of already 3 fleets sniping them instead of jumping behind one of them forcing others to rewarp). After another 10-20 minutes of dying they finally withdrew leaving 2 tackled carrier that died shortly after.

At the end we reinforced that iHub and helped AAA to do the same with WD- one.

Go to the thread for more details and screenshots.Sadly I did not participate except for some POS repping afterwards.

Here's some info from DOTLan maps website on SV5-8N where the fighting was heaviest:


  1. Anonymous10:38 am

    That was the fight i was lagged out in and didn't get to participate on. I am glad the C0ven guys and the AAA guys knew we were coming. Sadly I didn't even get to enjoy the fight....but I am glad someone did!

  2. Anonymous12:32 pm

    The link to the thread is broken.

  3. Since I live in Providence it is hard to read that CVA and friends took a beating on their SV5 attack. I do have to say kudos to -A- and the rest for fighting in so many fronts at once. It was just the day before when they were engaging Goons in 49-U6U. Both sides are big/powerful alliances.

    I do have to say "WTF CCP?!" Since the beginning of the year there have been a lot of big fights (including Atlas in Geminate and IT in Fountain) and all I read is how the lag has been awful. They better start beefing the servers or improving their code!