Monday, January 18, 2010

Epic Rant

Helicity Boson posted an epic rant this morning:
And that, my friends, is what actually made me mad about EVE for the very first time.
If you are too fucking retarded, not to realize, the two simple facts that:
  • Ganking in a video game IS NOT EQUAL to the genocide of 6 million jews.
  • Hitler and Stalin ARE NOT compatible with eachother in any way or form.
Then I hate your guts, and you should be fucking reading a book instead of destroying your remaining braincells staring at a mining laser or Worlds Collide 4.
WHAT THE CHRIST MAN? Life is too short to waste it like that, have some fucking fun, don’t play a game to perform a task more boring than flipping burgers, a task so SHITTY most people aren’t even at the keyboard to perform it!?
But if you say that, what happens NEXT is really going to blow your mind. You see, now you have insulted “their way of life”. Way of life? YOU HAVE NO LIFE YOU DUMB COCKSUCKER.
And when you even imply, in  a rational and friendly manner that maybe they could change their behaviour slightly, to improve their own chances in the game. Well… you get called hitler by angry space nuns belonging to a make-believe-unrecognized-religion, and some other WalMart employee wishes Bowel Cancer on you.
You are all psychotic aspergers sufferers. Seek. professional. help.
Read the whole thing. Its hilarious and oh-so-true at the same time.


  1. I would agree that it is true about the people that whine when they get blown up, but I don't agree with Helicity's disparaging of other peoples choices of how to play the game. I don't bash him, and it would be nice if he did not bash me, a carebear. Maybe it makes me a minority in that I am a carebear that no longer nuts up if someone decides to pvp with me, but it would sure be nice if people from both sides quit bashing on each other and just played the durn game.

  2. Wayne, people compared Helicity to Hitler. They literally wished she would get cancer. Do you think that is in any way an appropriate response to anything that could possibly happen within the confines of EVE?

    Fine, you don't like Helicity bashing on carebears that won't PvP... You take offense at the suggestion that folks should fit a tank on their Hulks... You don't like the suggestion that mining is so boring that most of it is done by bots...

    Alright. But do you honestly think Helicity deserves cancer because of those statements?

  3. I feel sorry for Helicity - to be filled with that much anger - that appears to border on hate.

    Like a snake that is eating itself.

    Helicity acts surprised that hi-sec players were not happy with him and his hooligans destroying their Hulks.

    Even in the context of a game - who enjoys being on the losing end of an exchange?

    Helicity wants the Hulk players to bend over and except his vision of Eve Online or elese they are in his words "fucking retarded".

    Frankly, the only player I see right now who is fucking retarded is Helicity Boson.

  4. PS: By the way, my blog "My God, it's full of stars!" has a new URL, it is:

    Sorry for inconvenience.

  5. Ephemeriis,

    I read where the person compared him to Hitler and wished he'd get cancer. And no, that is not okay behavior. But I am not that person, and though I am a carebear you didn't hear any whining from me during Hulkageddon. I mined anyway, and I always have a tank on my Hulk, and I always watch local, even with no PVP experience.

    My issue is that I am in a corp full of carebears and the majority of them are just like me, so we don't like getting thrown into a stereotype and bashed because of the way we play the game.

    I am sorry that....."person"....said those things about and to Helicity, but it wasn't me. Oh, and I didn't get offended by the rant, was just saddened that something that Helicity put so much effort into and looked like people enjoyed it so much caused him such anger due to people who take EVE way to seriously.

    I actually thought it was pretty cool and have thought about participating next time. I respect the heck out of Helicity for putting the effort forward to organize something like this.