Monday, January 18, 2010

Big Gunz

Last night I logged in for my weekly long session of Eve (long being 2-3 hours for me sadly) and I immediately brought up fleet finder. God, that thing is the best part of Dominion. I quickly found a Battleship sniper and support fleet, and I joined up even though they weren't facing any hostiles and were just reinforcing a POS and some POS modules. Boring maybe, but I'm a team player, yo.

I don't mind the POS bashing so much as it gives me time to chat with corpies and people in other channels that I don't normally have time to spare for in real PvP. Hence last night's impromptu blog post from within game. Moondoggie browser is the best part of Dominion besides the fleet finder.

After an hour or so the call went up for dreadnought pilots to help reinforce the infrastructure hub in the system as we had successfully deployed Sov Blockade Units on the gates and made it vulnerable. Max said he was going to jump in a Phoenix to help out and offered me use of a corporate Phoenix if I wanted to join him. I deliberated for 5 seconds; I was helping already in fleet and the Megathron was far more replaceable than a dreadnought should AAA decide to pay a visit, but the lure of using my dreadnought skills overtook my caution and I agreed. I dropped one fleet, joined another, and went back to base to "suit up".

It was an in and out job. Our dreadnought fleet only required one siege cycle to reinforce the infrastructure hub and once done we successfully jumped back to base and docked up. I sent the borrowed dreadnought back to the corporate hangers and logged off feeling useful. No kill mails but not all contributions are measured in wrecks.

I got some screenshots I'll share with you later on a slow posting day this week.

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