Monday, December 07, 2009

Gank Thorax

Last weekend a corp mate listed a Thorax build that had some things that I did not agree with and a discussion ensued about those fitting choices. I decided to post what I think a good solid Thorax build would be.

Role: Solo or small gang DPS ship with some tackle capabilities.

Obviously you could go with damage drones for more DPS but ECM drones can be a life saver against small targets and Minmatar cruisers without ECCM.


  1. Your fit is just a variation on the pretty standard idea of how fly a Thorax so if you like it then I'd say stick with it. I personally like to fly it with either an 800mm plate (solo or small gang) or with a Large Shield Extender instead of a web (if you're with a gang where someone else can web). You might want to find a way to jam one of these two items onto your fit as the one rig, DC and ANP isn't going to give you much of a tank.

    Additionally, I would advise against flying around in a blaster ship with a Disruptor instead of a Scrambler... a single web just isn't enough for a blaster boat these days.

    Anyhow, just my opinion :) Good luck with the ship and don't forget to check out the Vexor as well. It is very similar and in my opinion an even more flexible and effective ship than the Thorax.

  2. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Very much agree with Spectre, really needs a scram. If you don't have one fitted you'll run into two big issues: (1) you'll have tracking problems b/c of opponent's speed and (2) your opponent will dictate range - almost certainly fighting outside of your very short optimal. This will greatly reduce the 'gank' in the gank thorax. Plate is much more common than ANM, but up to you.

  3. Yeah, a scram would be better now. Back in the day, before the web nerf and speed changes, the scram didn't provide much benefit.

  4. Pretty much my exact fit except I put a scram, a best-named EANM, a Pseudo-thingie DC, and go with a cheaper T1 MWD (not much difference anyway). You should also replace the Collision rig for an Aerator.

    But yeah, the essence is there. And I love it :)

  5. By the way the EveHQ fitter now has a new popup panel called "Damage Analysis". It's an amazing new addition that crunches damage numbers for one fit against another and you can adjust velocity, range etc - or default to optimal.

    Does missiles too.