Friday, December 04, 2009

The Difference Between PvP Fit and PvP Ship

Last night I had about 40 minutes to log in so I joined up with Max and others and we went on a roam. Max chose a Vagabond and I did as well.

Waitaminute... Kirith doesn't have Minmatar cruiser V. How can I be flying a Vagabond. Well the truth is I used Kla'Strit who had very capable skills in that regard. For some reason, when I'm in his Slepnier or Vagabond I feel like I'm more ready for PvP than in any Caldari ship. I think its the ability to move fast, have tackle, and provide DPS from drones and projectiles that makes it feel like a more PvP ready ship compared to Caldari that often can't provide tackle without sacrificing tank. And since I can't fly tech II Gallente or Amarr ships yet, its either "feel less prepped in a Caldari HAC" or "switch to Kla'strit and his ships".

This convinces me that once the Interdictor training is done, I'm going for Gallente Cruiser V. For the Ishtar alone I think it would be nice to have for Kirith.

As a side note, I've been hearing good things about Tempests and Maelstroms with the new projectile weapons and ammo balance. I was thinking about setting Kla up a Maelstrom or Tempest as a sniper to use in fleets should Kirith be indisposed when I discovered he has Large Autocannon Specialization but not Large Artillery Specialization. I might have to pause Kirith's training to correct that oversight.

(Fiction Friday cancelled this week due to lack of time. Next week it will be back.)

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  1. Part of the game I enjoy is the ship loadout aspect. Some might see it as work but I find it particularly interesting, considering the different parts you need to think about e.g. what role you want your ship to play, are you expecting to use ship in high risk area? Cost versus value of module your putting in - balancing energy requirements with DPS and tanking.