Wednesday, November 18, 2009

That's Better

Dev blog today had some good news compared to the last one.

For one thing, costs have been rationalized and reduced across the board. Improvement indices remain even if the upgrade hub is destroyed and can be taken by an invading force. The cosmic anomalies "Pirate Detection Arrays" has been upped from 2 static complexes to 4 per level:

Pirate Detection Arrays

Each level of this upgrade gives you four anomalies per level, each of which re-spawns instantly upon completion.  This mean that at Level 5 you are guaranteed to have twenty anomalies at all times in a system.  These are basically dungeons which spawn waves of NPC's for you to happily shoot.  The top level anomalies in terms of ISK per hour are among some of the most profitable content in the game.
These anomalies are awesome because there is a constant supply of them and there are no skill requirements to scan them down.  They can be found by anyone using the onboard scanner with a 100% success rate.  Basically, if you are in a system that's small enough to be covered by one probe, you will get the full list of available sites instantly and you can warp to them.
These anomalies also have a percentage chance to spawn NPC faction commanders, as well as escalate to other dungeons.

Based on my experiences last night, that could be very valuable to a system indeed.

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  1. I'm really liking these Dominion changes, especially after these tweaks. I wonder if my Corp will have nullspace aspirations...?