Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Probing Questions

The great thing about Providence is that it is a very populated region with lots of friendlies and always some pew pew somewhere nearby (quality of said action notwithstanding, although Atlas have really livened things up lately).

The bad thing about Providence is that it is a very populated region with lots of friendlies running the belts and complexes found there.

Last night I was without voice comms (couch laptop to make TV less boring) and I decided to pass the time with some exploration close to base in Providence.

In one system I found a nice Sansha complex already being run by a couple of blues.

In another system I found a wormhole leading to unknown space where there did not appear to be anyone online but a tower. I debated going in and killing some sleepers, but figured the risk of getting surprised ganked or getting stuck and having to find a long way home outweighed the possible rewards. Besides, the wormhole looked like it was ready to collapse soon.

In a third system I found two signatures and I put Derranna's elite skills to work to scan them both down at once. One was another wormhole that I ignored and the other was a Radar complex that was untouched. However I lacked the time to exploit it myself so I offered to a corp mate. By the time he arrived (like, within 5 minutes) the complex was claimed and being run by a couple of blues.

Well shit. No easy cosmic anomalies either.

Now I did stay in a very populated part of space and next time I'll have a combat pilot on hand close by to claim the complex I find, but it is a little frustrating how space is vacuumed clean so quickly with all the blues in Providence. I vainly hope Dominion or future releases gives us a chance to develop space better for ourselves. Having 8-10 constant anomalies would be nice at this point.

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