Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thinking about...

... that Sansha Military Complex I found on Sunday night and lacked the tank to deal with it.

My inital thought was to get a big shield boosting battleship or hard-as-nails Nighthawk to tank, but I'm now considering if having Derranna there in her Scimitar Logistics ship might be a good idea as well.

Well, let's break out EFT and find out!

I can take a Rokh and with an active shield tank I can absorb 782 pts of damage from a typical Sansha profile (60% EM, 32% Thermal, 8% Kinetic) for about four minutes or while cap charges last while my passive buffer Nighthawk can do 725 pts.

While impressive, I feel like I need more. Enter the Scimitar!

Derranna, with four Large Shield Transporter IIs and four Medium Shield Drone IIs and one Small Shield Drone II, can repair 420 pts of shields per second while remaining cap stable. Absolutely no tank mind you, but in PvE as long as the tanking pilot picks up all spawns it should not be an issue.

Right now I'm thinking the Scimitar / Nighthawk combination is the winner for me.

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  1. Anonymous3:12 pm

    If you get this set up, i'll happily pass bookmarks on to you when I see you in-game. I got my probe boat put together again last night so I'm planning on searching these out.