Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Chimera Squadron GO!

Last night I decided to do a carrier run so I could get some ships for Derranna out to Providence, specifically her Scimitar and Rapier. The former is good for PvE and the latter gives me an option in PvP that Kirith does not offer. I also brought down a couple ships for my good buddy Lucius who was short of hulls.

I made my way up to low sec alone and safely. A spent a while getting the ships together into the Ninveah's hanger and got word that Director Max was going to do a run in his carrier that evening as well.

I popped another cyno, got him to base, and a short while later we took off back to our new home. I snapped a couple pictures along the way because its not often I see a squadron of Chimera carriers in fleet maneuvures.

Waiting for the all clear at a POS:

In warp:

In warp from the side:

(Max is a director of m3 corp and one of the inspirational leaders. When his motherboard fried last year the pilots gave donations to the tune of 400$ to get him back in game with us. I love this corporation. P.S. We're recruiting.)

Along with the ships for Lucius and Derranna, I brought myself a Rook to try out (and probably die horribly) and a Blaster Harpy which looks like a lot of fun to fly. Hopefully I will get some action next weekend with them.

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