Friday, October 23, 2009

9 Days To Battleship Duel

A lot of people like frigates and cruisers and their tech II and III variants in Eve, and while I definitely appreicate a good Interceptor clipping along at 5 km/sec or a Onyx dropping a bubble on the enemy fleet, I live for the big ships. Battleships, Carriers, Orcas... I get tears in my eyes when I undock in them.

So I'm really really looking forward to my duel with Nashh in 9 days.

I've been spending some free time pouring over EFT and theorycrafting in my head all the permutations this Duel can take on. Unlike the Destroyer duel, I have a lot of options as I can fly Caldari, Amarr, and Gallente all acceptably well and I can use missiles, drones, hybrids, and lasers all decently too. That gives me 9 battleships to choose from; well 8 more accurately because the Scorpion would be useless without its ECM modules which are disallowed in the coming tilt.

Of the ships there are a lot of different options. Hybrids? Drones? Lasers? Missiles? Close up or at range? Active or passive tank? I've looked at multiple setups for all the 8 battleships and each one has something to reccomend it.

Next Sunday will reveal if my planning is all for nought or pays off.

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